Organization operations include system-level tasks such as creating and assigning resources to organizations, and organization-level tasks such as managing organization users, defining and granting roles, and creating database groups.

System administrators perform system-level organization tasks such as the following.

Create an organization. See Create an organization.

View all organizations within Data Director

Create organization administrators

Allocate resources to organizations

Revoke resource bundles from existing organizations

Implement user authorization and authentication rules (security policies)

Edit organization properties such as the organization name and description

Delete disabled organizations

By default, system administrators cannot access organizations. Organization administrators can grant access to system administrators by modifying a security setting for their organization.

Organization administrators perform organization-level, day-to-day tasks such as the following.

Manage organization users, roles, privileges, and permissions

Create other organization administrators

Grant access to the organization to existing users

Allocate organization resources to database groups

Implement organization security and backup policies

Define roles

Define database configuration and database backup templates

Monitor organization performance, resource usage, and alarms