During installation, you configure the Web Console Network mapping and the Web Console Network adapter. You can later reconfigure the Web Console Network by editing the network settings of the Management Server virtual machine in vSphere Client.

After you reconfigure the network mapping or adapter in the vSphere Client, you might have to reenter the network information from the Data Director UI. Reentering the settings for the Web Console network, Web Console network adapter, and vCenter network, is usually necessary if you use static IP addresses. Network configuration information that you might have to reenter includes the netmask, gateway, and DNS Server information.

Review the information about network settings in Data Director in the vFabric Data Director Installation Guide.


Log in to the vSphere Client as an administrator and select Inventory > Hosts and Clusters.


Select and expand the Data Director vApp, right-click the Management Server virtual machine, and select Power > Power Off.


Right-click the Management Server and select Edit Settings.


Reconfigure the vSphere network for the Web Console Network.


Select the Hardware tab, and click Network adapter 1.


In the drop-down menu, select the appropriate network in the Network label text box and click OK.


Reconfigure the Web Console Network Adapter.


Select the Options tab.


Select vApp Options > Properties.


Change the settings for FQDN, static IP address, netmask, DNS Server 1, or DNS Server 2.


Click OK.


Right-click the Management Server virtual machine and select Power > Power On.

Verify the settings from the Data Director UI. See Verify Network Settings in Data Director.