You count Data Director licenses according to the number of database virtual machines (DBVMs) and vPostgres databases in use. If you use more licenses than you have purchased, you can purchase additional licenses or change how licenses are used.

Data Director requires one license per database virtual machine, regardless of the number of vCPUs, and regardless of whether the virtual machine is powered on or off.

Backup database virtual machines do not count towards your license total.

vPostgres requires one license per virtual machine, up to two vCPUs per license. For example, a four-vCPU vPostgres virtual machine requires two licenses.

The following table shows the number of licenses required given the number of vCPUs for a single vPostgres virtual machine.

Licenses Required for a Single vPostgres Virtual Machine

Number of vCPUs for a Virtual Machine

Number of Licenses









You can view the total number of vPostgres virtual machines and vCPUs in the Licensing pane of the Data Director Administration tab.