When you need a database for a new application, you can create it with a database configuration template. The template is configured to allocate resources to the database.

Verify that you have access to the organization and database group in which to create the new database.

Verify that you have Create Databases permission on the database group in which you create the new database.

Verify that you have Use Template permission on at least one database configuration template.


Navigate to the organization and to the database group in which to create the database.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab.


Click the Databases tab.


Click the plus (+) icon and specify the following information in the Create Database dialog box.

Text Box


Name and Description

Enter a name and optionally, a description of the database.

Owner Account

Enter an owner account for the database. Each database requires an owner who can perform all schema management operations. The owner account is specific to the database and cannot log in to Data Director.


Enter and confirm the owner account password.

DB config template

Select a database configuration template from the drop-down menu. Database templates determine the initial size of databases and other parameters, such as resources the database can consume. The create database process calculates the default storage allocation values based on the resources defined in the database template.

Storage allocation

Select the storage allocation for this database. The minimum is 1GB. The recommended (and default) value is 5GB.

Backup template

(Optional) Select a backup template from the drop-down menu. You can select a backup template for specific purposes, such as development, or select no backups.

Point-in-Time Recovery allocation

Select the number of gigabytes to allocate for point-in-time recovery operations. The minimum is 1GB.


Select the encoding for the database from the drop-down menu. The default is UTF8.


(Optional) Select one or more tags for this database. Use tags to filter the list of databases that you view in an organization's Databases tab, for example, all your customer relationship databases can have a tag called CRM.

Database group

Select the database group in which to create this database. Databases must reside in one and only one database group.


Click OK.

The database appears in the Databases List with a status of Creating. The process can take a few minutes. The status changes to Running when creation finishes successfully.

The following permissions are granted to the database creator after database creation finishes.

Edit Database Info

Modify Database Users

Restart Database

View Databases

You can load the database data and use the database.