You clone a database to create an exact copy that you can use for testing or other purposes. When you start the database cloning process, the Clone Database wizard prompts you for clone type and clone customization information.

Log in to Data Director as an administrator or as a user with Clone Database privileges.


The clone type allows you to specify which data are cloned. You can also choose custom configuration settings and backup settings for the clone.


When you clone a database, you can customize database attributes for the clone as part of clone creation.


Data Director allows you to clone the current state of the database, clone a specific point in time, or clone a backup of the database.


You can specify an expiration date and time for a clone if you anticipate that the clone will no longer be useful at a certain date and time. Data Director displays an alarm when the clone expires. You can configure clone expiration to also send an email to the administrator when the clone expires. Expiration does not mean that Data Director stops or deletes the clone.