Data Director system administrators can view resource usage information for an organization from the Data Director Manage & Monitor tab.

When you log in to Data Director as a system administrator, you can view information about the resource usage of the different database groups and about the resource bundle or resource bundles that are being used by each database group.

The Organizations pane allows you to manage organizations. You can view organization information, assign and unassign resource bundles, delete the organization, and view the organization's properties.

The Resource Bundles pane allows you to view all resource bundles currently created for this instance of Data Director. You can display either allocation information or vCenter Server Object information.

You can click on an item in the heading, such as Organization, to re-sort the table based on that column. Right-click any resource bundle name and choose Properties to see detailed information about each resource bundle.

If you select vCenter Server Objects, Data Director displays the names of resource pools, datastores, and networks that you see in the vSphere Client UI.

The Datastore Usage pane shows datastore usage for the main datastore and the backup datastore. You can see how resource bundles map to datastores and examine storage allocation information for each datastore.

See Monitoring the Data Director Environment for details on using the monitoring interface.