The VMware vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide provides information about administering VMware® vFabric Data Director. Administration tasks include creating organizations and database groups, managing users and roles, resource allocation, database and backup configuration, cloning databases, safeguarding data, and monitoring your system.

The Data Director software solution provides on-site self-service database provisioning and automation to database administrators and application developers, including the following.

Self-service database creation and resource allocation.

Flexible, policy-based resource management.

Resource isolation within organizations and within databases.

Security policy implementation through role-based access control.

Delegating and granting customizable roles and privileges to specify users' allowed actions.

Self-service database lifecycle management enables application developers to create new databases, manage schemas, configure backups, perform restores, clone databases for testing and development, scale up database sizes, and decommission databases. Customizable database configuration and backup templates enable administrators to control database parameters and enforce resource allocation policies, and provide application developers with simplified database creation and resource allocation.

This document is for administrators and application developers.

System administrators use this document to learn about managing and monitoring a Data Director environment. System administrators create organizations, allocate resources to them, and perform other high-level tasks.

Organization administrators use this document to learn about managing and monitoring database groups and databases. Organization administrators can use and customize database templates, can assign resources, and can monitor their organization.

Application developers use this document to learn about creating, managing and monitoring databases.