If the requirements for resources or other aspects of your environment change, you can modify existing database configuration templates. Databases that you create from the new template will use the new settings.

Log in to Data Director as an organization administrator or as an administrator with privileges to modify a configuration template.


Click the Administration tab.


Click Templates, and click Default Database Configuration Templates.


Right-click the template that you want to modify, and perform one of the supported actions.




Creates a copy of this template. When you clone a template, the Create Database Configuration Template wizard appears and you can configure the resource settings and database settings for the clone.


Deletes the selected template.


Disables provisioning and other capabilities for this template. When a template is not published, it can be viewed or managed, but cannot be used for provisioning or other purposes.

Edit Permissions

Allows you to specify who can use this template, and what each user can do. You can change the permissions for an existing user, remove an existing user, and add a role. Users who can create a database from the template do not automatically have permissions to modify the template.


Allows you to modify the settings that you specified when you created the template. See Create a Database Configuration Template for a discussion of the properties you can change.

You can create databases with the new settings from the modified template. Databases you previously created from the template do not change.