Data Director provides the predefined roles of system administrator, user administrator, and organization administrator. Predefined roles provide a starting point for administering Data Director users and roles and for defining custom roles. You can also create custom roles.

Organization administrator role

Organization adminstrators manage their organizations. They control which users can access the organizations, how users request access to the organizations, and what those users can see and do within the organization. This role has all privileges on the organization for which it is created. Organization administrators invite users to join the organization, grant access, roles, and permissions to users in the organization, create database groups, and can create databases. You can choose to create an administrator user when you create a new organization, or you can select an existing user as the new organization administrator.

Organization administrators perform all user management tasks within their organizations, including the following.

Add users to organizations, database groups, and databases.

Modify user settings.

Remove users from organizations, database groups, and databases.

Create roles.

Grant privileges and permissions to roles and to individual users.

View users, roles, and permissions granted to users and roles.

Organization administrators can view, grant, and revoke privileges on all objects within their organizations, including database groups, databases, and templates. Privileges include Create Database Groups and Modify Database Configuration Templates.

System administrator role

System administrators operate Data Director. The first system administrator user is created during Data Director installation. This role has all system-level privileges, including managing resources for the system and for organizations. System administrators can see, grant, and revoke permissions at the system level. The first system administrator configures Data Director, creates other system administrators and system-level users, and creates initial organizations. System administrators manage users at the system level. By default they do not have access to organizations unless an organization administrator grants access to them.

User administrator role

The User administrator role manages users at the system level, including creating, editing settings for, and deleting system users.