Data Director packages external database backups as virtual machines. You can use any VMware virtual machine backup technology as an extended backup solution. One of the choices for backups is the extended backup process supported by the VMware Data Recovery (VDR) appliance.

VDR is available as an appliance for VMware vSphere and operates on vSphere resources. See the vSphere Documentation Center for VMware Data Recovery documentation.

You can configure VDR to backup the database group's entire Backup resource pool so that VDR backs up newly created backups. When you add a new database group, manually configure VDR to backup the new database group's backup resource pool.


The VDR appliance is an optional appliance that may not be installed in your vSphere system. Verify the VDR appliance installation, install the appliance if necessary, and then connect to VDR.


You can use VMware Data Recovery (VDR) to take external backups of your Data Director virtual machines.


Before you can import a VMware Data Recovery (VDR) backup, you must restore the backup in vSphere Client.


After you restore a VMware Data Recovery backup, you can import that backup into Data Director.