To upgrade vFabric Data Director virtual appliances, you log in to vSphere Client as an administrator and perform upgrade tasks such as downloading the upgrade package, taking pre-upgrade snapshot backups, and using vSphere Update Manager to apply the upgrade.

Upgrading the Data Director virtual appliance includes the following tasks.


Obtain the Data Director upgrade package.


In the vSphere Client, take a snapshot backup of the Data Director virtual appliance.


In the vSphere Client, start vSphere Update Manager or connect to the vSphere Update Manager server.


Download the upgrade package and accept the licence agreement (EULA).


Define the upgrade baseline and attach it to the current Data Director virtual appliance.


Verify that the Data Director virtual appliance needs to be updated by scanning the baseline and comparing it with the virtual appliance.


In the Data Director UI, shut down Data Director.


In the vSphere Client, configure the upgrade remediation job and start the Data Director virtual appliance upgrade.

If the Data Director virtual appliance upgrade succeeds, log in to the Data Director UI and perform any necessary administration tasks.

If the Data Director virtual appliance upgrade does not complete, revert to the virtual machine snapshot that you took earlier, fix the blocking issue, and restart the upgrade process.

If the Data Director upgrade includes updates to database virtual machines (DBVMs), seeData Director Upgrade Database Virtual Machines Process Overview.