The upgrade remediation task is the process by which vSphere Update Manager applies patches, extensions, and upgrades to the Data Director virtual appliance. Configure and run the remediation task to complete the Data Director virtual appliance upgrade process.

Log in to a vSphere Client as an administrator.

Verify that the vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system with which vSphere Update Manager is registered.


In the left pane of the VMs and Templates view, right-click the virtual appliance to upgrade and select Remediate.


Select the upgrade baseline to apply and click Next.


Run the virtual appliance upgrade remediation task.

The upgrade can take a few hours to complete.


Type a unique name and an optional description for the task.


Select Immediately to begin the upgrade process immediately after you complete the wizard and click Next.


Configure the rollback option, name the snapshot backup to roll back to, and click Next.


Review the task definition and click Finish.

Data Director restarts when the upgrade remediation task completes.

If upgrade does not succeed, revert both of the Data Director virtual appliance's virtual machines to the snapshot that you took and reboot the virtual appliance. Resolve the blocking issue, for example, insufficient resources, and restart the remediation task.