Data Director system administrators upgrade Database Virtual Machines from the Data Director Web UI.

Verify that Data Director is deployed and running.

Verify that the Data Director virtual appliance was upgraded and an updated database configuration template is available. See Upgrade a Data Director Virtual Appliance.

Make backups of the databases that you plan to upgrade.


Log in to the Data Director Web UI as a system administrator.


Click the Manage and Monitor tab.


In the left pane, expand Templates and select Base DB Templates.


Create a new Base DB template.

You create a base DB template from a base database virtual machine (DBVM). See "Convert a Base DBVM into a Base DB Template" in the vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide.


Set up the upgrade chain from the original template to the new version template.

See "Database Update Configuration" in the vFabric Data Director Administrator and User Guide.


Assign a new version template to each organization and enable it.


In each Organization tab, right-click a database and select Upgrade.

When the upgrade completes, you can use your environment as before.