The Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon ensures that time-dependent processes occur in sync across hosts. Enable the NTP daemon on the ESXi hosts.

Verify that the ESXi hosts in the Data Director clusters are running.


Using a vSphere Client, connect to the vCenter Server system that manages the ESXi hosts in the Data Director cluster.


In the left navigation pane, select one of the hosts.


In the main pane, click the Configuration tab, and click Time Configuration.


Click Properties and click Options.


Click NTP Settings and click Add.


In the Add NTP Server dialog box, type a valid NTP server address and click OK.


Select the Restart NTP service to apply changes check box and click OK.


In the Time Configuration dialog, confirm that the NTP Client Enabled check box is selected.

If it is selected, click OK.

If it is not selected, click the Options button. In the Service Commands section of the NTP Daemon (ntdp) Options dialog, click Start and click OK.


Repeat for the other hosts in the Data Director cluster.