Upgrade compliance settings ensure that the upgrade baseline does not conflict with the current state of your Data Director virtual appliance.

Log in to vSphere Client as an administrator.

Verify that the vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system with which vSphere Update Manager is registered.


In vSphere Client, select Inventory > VMs and Templates, and click Upgrade Manager.


Open the Compliance View and select the virtual appliance to upgrade.


Click Attach.


Select the upgrade baseline.


Click Attach.


Verify that the virtual appliance needs to be updated.


In the inventory list in the left pane, right-click the baseline.


Select Scan for Updates.

vSphere Update Manager scans the baseline against the virtual appliance and determines whether the virtual appliance is up-to-date with the latest Data Director version. A vSphere Update Manager scan result of 100% means your Data Director version is up to date.

If the Data Director virtual appliance is up-to-date, discontinue the upgrade process. If the Data Director virtual appliance is not up-to-date, go to Shut Down Data Director to continue the upgrade process.