You can view database groups and databases in your organization, and the entities and objects of running databases.

Verify that you have Organization management privileges, or View properties permissions to view databases in the organization.


Log in to Data Director.


If you have Organization management privileges, click the Manage and Monitor tab to view your database groups and databases.

If you do not have Organization management privileges, a list of database groups is displayed in the right pane.


Expand a database group in the left pane.


Double-click a database in the middle pane


Click the Console tab.

If it is an Oracle database, the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) opens in a new browser window. If it is a Postgres database, the database opens in a new tab next to your organization tab.


If prompted, log in to the database


Expand entity icons in the left pane and select them to view details.

The object appears in the middle pane, and you can perform management tasks.

Manage database entities.