Administrators can delete or disable an alarm rule if is is not useful. You can delete or disable system-defined alarms and custom alarms. If you disable an alarm, you can enable it again. If you delete an alarm rule, it is permanently removed from the system.

Log in to Data Director as a user with permissions to delete alarms at the level where you want to delete them. A user who has monitor privileges on the object the alarm is monitoring can update or delete the alarm.


Open the Alarm Definitions table.

If you are a system administrator, click the Manage and Monitor tab, click Alarms, and click Definitions.

If you are an organization administrator, click the organization or click the resource group that you want to delete and alarm for, click the Alarms tab, and click Definitions.


Disable or delete an alarm rule.

To delete an alarm, right-click that alarm and select Delete.

To disable an alarm, right-click that alarm and select Disable.