To set up an automated schedule of backups of your database, you can specify the backup settings in the database's Properties window. You protect your data when you set up an automated database backup schedule.

Verify that your database is associated with a database backup template. See Select a Database Backup Template.

Log in to your organization as a user with at least the following privileges.

Use Templates

Create Snapshots

Create External Backups

Use Template


Navigate to your database's Properties window.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab.


Select your database group, and click the down arrow to display the list of databases.


Right-click your database name, and select Properties.


Click the Backup tab and click Edit.


To view the backup templates' configuration settings, click the backup template's name in the Backup Templates pane.

The backup template configuration settings appear in the Details pane, and <Current Backup Configuration> is replaced with the name of the template. If you have the Manage Backup Templates privilege, you can override the template settings.


Select the check box in the Override column.


Adjust the settings for each type of backup.


(Optional) Enable or disable point-in-time recovery.


(Optional) Specify a backup label.


Review your backup settings and click OK to confirm.

To view a list of backups and the status of each backup, open the database by double-clicking the database name in the Manage & Monitor tab. Click the Backup & Recovery tab in the middle pane. The list of database backups appears in the Backup List section.

To review the backup schedule, click the Backup Schedule link.

To take a one-time manual backup, right-click the database name in the navigation pane and select Take Manual Backup.