You can perform a point-in-time recover of the Management Server database if you determine that the database is corrupted.

Verify that VMware Data Recovery (VDR) is deployed with vCenter and set up with the vSphere client.

Verify that regular backups are being performed on the Data Director vApp using VDR.

Before starting point-in-time recovery on the Management Server database, take a full backup of the Data Director vApp. If the target time you choose for your point-in-time recovery results in recovery failure, you can restore the management server to this backup and perform a point-in-time recovery with an earlier target time.


In the vSphere client, shut down the Management Server virtual machine.


Restore only the database disk (management_server_2.vmdk) from a backup using VDR.


Select Edit Settings > Options > vApp Options > Properties, and select the vApp Management server recovery flag.


Turn on the Management server.


Open the console and log in as aurora, or log in from root as su aurora, and type the following command.


Enter a target time stamp when prompted.

The time must be after the time of the VDR backup that you use to restore the Central Management Server (CMS).


When the recover finishes, shut down the vApp of Data Director.


Deselect the management server recovery flag on the Management Server.


Check the Management Server network cards connection in the virtual machine settings, and connect them manually if necessary.


Turn on the Data Director vApp.