You can create an empty (or blank) DBVM which you can use to build a custom database environment. For example, you can use the empty DBVM to build a DBVM with Red Hat Linux operating system configured for your IT environment and a MySQL database.

Create a system resource bundle for use by the DBVM. See Create the System Resource Bundle.

Ensure there is adequate free space on the datastore.


Log in to Data Director as a system administrator.


In the System tab, click Manage and Monitor.


Expand Templates and select Base DBVMs.


Click the plus (+) icon to start the Create Base DBVM wizard and enter the appropriate information.




Enter a unique name to identify the base DBVM within Data Director.

Database type

Select Empty to create an empty base DBVM. When you select Empty, all of the other DBVM creation options visible in the wizard will be made unavailable.

Data Director creates an empty DBVM, which appears in the Base DBVMs list. The process can take several minutes to complete.

You can install a Data Director supported operating system configured to meet your IT environment into the empty DBVM, after which you can install a database and create a fully operational base DBVM.