You can install Linux as the operating system on the blank virtual machine.

Deploy the base database virtual machine into the system resource pool. See Deploy the Empty DBVM into the System Resource Pool.

Repackage the Linux ISO image. See Repackage the Red Hat Linux ISO Image.

A floppy image containing the ks.cfg file (unless you have packaged your own customized ks.cfg file into the ISO.

A CDROM device containing the OS ISO.

A CDROM device containing the database binary ISO.

A CDROM device containing the initialized ISO.


In the vSphere Client, select the blank virtual machine that you deployed.


Click Edit Settings.


Click the Hardware tab, and select CD/DVD drive in the hardware list.


In the right panel, click Datastore ISO file and click Browse.


Enter the path of the repackaged Linux ISO image.

You can alternatively use the client device to connect the local ISO when the virtual machine is running.


In the Device Status pane, click Connected and click Connected at Power On.


Click Save.


Power on the virtual machine if it is not running, and open a console to observe.

The virtual machine will start to bootstrap, and install Linux as specified in the custom kickstart file.

Linux is installed. The kickstart file brings up the installation for the database binary and other required packages from the CDROM.

Initialize the same base virtual machine by installing the required software components and scripts, to ensure that it is compliant with the database you are installing and Data Director.