A view is a subset of related table data. For example, if you have a table that contains the locations of all corporate offices throughout the world, you can create a view of all the offices in Europe, in California, or Brazil.

Verify that the table on which to create the view exists.


In the left pane, click the Schemas arrow to expand it.


Right-click the schema and select Create > View.


Enter the view properties.


Type a unique name in the Name text box.

If the name is case-sensitive, select the Case sensitive check box.


(Optional) To restrict who can modify the view, select an owner for the view definition from the drop-down menu.


Enter a SQL query to define the view.

For example, if you are creating a view of your office_locations table named China Offices, you might enter a query similar to the following to select all the office locations in China.

select office_name, addr1, addr2, addr3 from office_locations where country="China"

Click OK.

The view appears in the left pane under the Views icon.

Examine the data in the view. See Examine View Data.