When you have a DBVM with the operating system configuration you want to use registered with Data Director, you can then install the database software and create a base DBVM from which to create base DB templates.

Create a system resource bundle for use by the base DBVM.

In vSphere, copy the base DBVM with the operating system configuration you want to use to the system resource bundle. Data Director recognizes the base DBVM, and includes it in the list of base DBVMs available for use by Data Director.

Ensure there is adequate free space on the datastore.


Log in to Data Director as a system administrator.


In the System tab, click Manage and Monitor.


Expand Templates and select Base DBVMs.


Right-click the base DBVM in which you want to install a database, and select Install DB Engine. Enter the appropriate information in theInstall DB Engine dialog.




Lists the name for the base DBVM you selected. Ensure that this is the DBVM you want to use.

Operating system

Lists the operating system installed in the DBVM. Ensure that this is the operating system you want to use.

Database type

Select the type of database you want to install.

Database version

Select a database version number.

Installer ISO

Type the path to the installation ISO file of the datastore within the cluster. The path must be of the form[datastore]folder/DB .iso. Ensure that the database type and version matches the database you selected.

Data Director copies the database installation files and installs the virtual machine tools and agents. The base DBVM appears in the Base DBVMs list with the status Pending. The process may take several minutes. The status changes to Running when creation of the base DBVM finishes.