The original Red Hat Linux ISO image does not include Data Director specific scripts and agents, and is not initially compliant for use with Data Director. For this reason you must repackage the Red Hat ISO image using a kickstart file that you customize to install the OS configured for use with Data Director.

The repackage scripts run on a Linux OS with the sed and mkisofs commands.


Obtain a working Linux environment with sufficient storage to repackage the Linux ISO image.

If you mount the RHEL ISO from an NFS server, 8GB is sufficient. You need 12GB if you upload the ISO to your local disk.


Ensure that you have a discoverable path to the working Linux environment for the original RHEL ISO image, local directory, or NFS path.


Download the ISO image from the VMware product download page.


Mount the ISO image by typing the following command, substituting your build number for <build#> .

mount –o loop /mnt/Data-Director-Initialize-Base-DBVM-build#.iso /tmp/mnt

To repackage the RHEL ISO image, mount the NFS manually, then type the following command.

/tmp/mnt/Tools/ REDHAT_ISO_PATH Output_folder

For example, the command

/tmp/mnt/Tools/ rhel5.5.iso ./

specifies the original Linux ISO image as the source ISO image. The command repackages the ISO image, which can pick up the kickstart file automatically from the floppy device. REDHAT_ISO_LOCAL_FILE_PATH must be a local path. If the Red Hat ISO is on an NFS volume, mount it to the local directory before using this command.

A RHEL ISO image is created with its own kickstart file.