You can use VMware Data Recovery (VDR) to take external backups of your Data Director virtual machines.

Log in to the vSphere Client with administrator privileges and connect to the vCenter Server system where you installed VDR.


On the VMware Data Recovery main page, click the VDR Backup tab and click New.


Enter a unique name for the backup in the Name text box and click Next.


Select the backup datastore associated with the database group's resource bundle.


Select a backup storage location for your backup from the list of storage devices and click Next


In the calender, select or deselect days and hours during which the backup can run and click Next.


Select the retention period for the backup and click Next.


Review the backup settings and click Finish to start the backup.

The backup begins. The process can take some time to complete. When the process finishes, you can see the backup virtual machine in your database group's backup resource pool.