Data Director system administrators can integrate vCloud Director organizations and users with Data Director by binding to the vCloud Director organizations.

vCloud Director integration is enabled.

Resource bundle(s) are created and available for allocation.

You are logged in as a Data Director system administrator.


With System selected, click Manage & Monitor.


Click Organizations in the left pane.


Click the plus (+) icon to start the Create Organization wizard.


Click Bind to vCloud Director Organization.

Data Director connects to vCloud Director. This may take a minute.


Select a vCloud Director organization from the Organization drop down list and click Next.


Enter the appropriate information.

Wizard screen


Organization Administrator

Select the vCloud Director organization administrator.

Resource Bundles

You can assign resource bundles at any time after binding the organization. To skip the assign resource bundles step, click Assign resource bundles later. To select a resource bundle now, click Choose an existing resource bundle and select a resource bundle from the list. Click Finish.

The vCloud Director organization appears in the Organizations list.

Create resource bundles and assign them to the organization. See Create a Resource Bundle.