You can update a database to apply enhancements or software upgrades.

Verify that the following conditions are met.

The system administrator has built and converted a base DBVM with proper update scripts and binary updates, such as new third-party tools or database software upgrades.

The system administrator has enabled the base DB template on the resource bundle where the target databases exist, and properly configured the base DB templates update chain.

You have appropriate privileges to access and update databases.

You have existing databases that require the updates contained in the new base DB template.


Log in to an organization as a user with database privileges.


Click the Manage and Monitor tab.


On the Databases tab, right-click one or more databases and select Update.

The Update page shows the current base DB template and its version.


On the Update page, provide the following information.



Update to

The new template from which to update the database.

DB parameter group

Database configuration parameters to apply to the updated database.

Keep existing values when possible

If the new template does not require new database parameter values and you prefer to retain the current values, select the Keep existing values when possible check box.

Take a snapshot before starting the upgrade

Select whether to take a snapshot backup of the database before updating. The default is to take a snapshot backup.

Automatically cancel if update fails

The task is canceled if the update fails.

Schedule Action

Schedule the update for a specific date and time.

If you did not schedule the update, the database update proceeds immediately. If you scheduled the update, the database update proceeds at the specified date and time. A database can have only one pending update task.