You can add a database to the organization catalog, then create other databases from it.

Verify that you have organization privileges.


Click the organization Manage and Monitor tab and click the Catalog tab.


Click the plus (+) icon.


In the Add Databases to Catalog window, enter the following information.



Source Database

The default is the database that you selected . To add a different database to the catalog, click Edit and select a database from the list.


Type a name for the catalog database. The default is the name of the database that you entered earlier.


(Optional) Type a description of the catalog database.

Add Action

To allow refreshing the catalog database from the source database, select Clone source to catalog, and then select Full Clone or Linked Clone. To disallow refreshing to the catalog database, select Move Source to Catalog. You can move only a stopped database to the catalog.


Click OK.

The database is added to the database group catalog with the status Ready. You can now use it to create databases.