Install the MySQL database software into a base DBVM. You can then create a DB template with which to provision MySQL databases.

You install the MySQL database software within a base DBVM in which you have installed and initialized a compatible version of Red Hat Linux. When the MySQL software is installed, you have a fully functional base DBVM from which you can create DB templates that you can assign to resource pools and provision databases.

Verify that you can log into vSphere as an administrator.

Verify that you have initialized the base DBVM operating system to make it compliant with the MySQL and Data Director prerequisites. See Initialize the Base DBVM Operating System.


In vSphere Client, right-click the base DBVM and open the console.


Log in to the base DBVM operating system as the root user.

The password value is defined in the kickstart file used to initialize the operating system..


Navigate to the following directory path.

cd /opt/aurora/agent2/plugin/vfdd_linux_mysql_5/scripts

Type the following command to install the MySQL database software.

./ NFS_PATH_FOR_MySQL_binary_folder MySQL_version

NFS_PATH_FOR_MySQL_binary_folder is the full path of the NFS server where you store the MySQL installation software components.

MySQL_version is the full version number of the MySQL software. For example, 5.5.27.

Convert the base DBVM to a base DB template. See Convert a Base DBVM into a Base DB Template.