You can create a resource template by cloning a template or by configuring a new template. In both cases, you can specify the resource settings and the database settings for the template.

Only organization administrators or users with Manage Resource Templates or Manage Backup Templates privileges can create, edit, and delete templates.

Log in to Data Director as an organization administrator or as an administrator with privileges to create and modify templates.


Click the Organization Settings tab.


Click Templates, and click Resource Templates.


Create a template or clone a template.

Creation Method


New template

Click the green plus icon above the menu bar.


Right-click an existing template and choose Clone.


In the Create Resource Template wizard, type a name and description.


Specify whether you want to publish the template, and click Next.

When a template is not published, you can view or manage it, but you cannot use it to create databases.


Enter resource settings for the template and click Finish.




Number of virtual CPUs the database virtual machine will use.

High availability

Select Enable to protect the database with vSphere High Availability. See the vSphere Availability documentation.

Memory size

Amount of memory the database virtual machine will use.

Recommended DB storage allocation

Specify recommended storage allocation for this database.

CPU and memory priority

Select Automatic to allow the vCenter Server system to allocate CPU and memory to the virtual machine. If you select another value, the CPU priority determines how unreserved CPU and memory resources are assigned to this database as compared to other databases in this database group.

Explicitly reserve resources for databases created by this template

If selected, you can reserve resources for running databases. Reservations guarantee that the database has the specified amount of CPU and memory available.

CPU reservation

Number of MHz to reserve for this database.

Memory reservation

Number of MB to reserve for this database.