You can modify an IP Pool after you set it up. You can add or remove IP address ranges. You can also change the gateway and DNS settings, but only if no IP addresses in the pool are in use.


Log in to Data Director as a system administrator.


Click the System tab, and click System Settings.


Expand Other Settings, and click Network.


Click the IP Pools tab.


Right-click an IP pool and select Edit IP Pool.


Click the green plus icon and add an IP address range not in use, and click OK.


To remove an IP address range, right-click the address range and click Delete.

You cannot delete an IP range that includes one or more addresses used by either the Management Server-Internal Network Adapter or the DB Name Server-Internal Network Adapter. You should reconfigure those network adapters to use other addresses (possibly a Static IP address assignment instead of IP Pool). Reconfigure the Internal Network or Internal Network Adapter Mapping

You can request deletion of an IP range that is assigned. The status for the IP range changes to Releasing but the IP addresses continue to be in use until the virtual machines using them are turned off.

You can also modify the Gateway and DNS server settings, but only if no IP addresses in the IP Pool are in use, that is, no IP Range has the Status Assigned.


Click OK.