Organization administrators can regenerate a DBVM key and certificate before it expires, to ensure continuous security of communications. You can update a DBVM key and certificate after you provision the database. For a vFabric Postgres database, you apply the SSL key and certificate to the DBVM, and to vFabric Postgres. For an Oracle database, you apply the key and certificate only to the DBVM.

Verify that no custom key and certificate has ever been applied to the DBVM.


Click the Manage and Monitor tab.


Click the Databases tab.


Right-click a database and select Properties.


Click the SSL tab, and click the Regenerate button.

A warning advises you that the database server restarts after the new key assignment finishes.


Click OK.

Progress of renewal of the automatically generated key and certificate update task appears in the right panel.

A new key and certificate, valid for five years, is generated.