vFabric Data Director automates deployment, management, and governance of thousands of databases and enables policy-based self-service database management for application developers.

Data Director supports the following databases.

Oracle 11gR2 Enterprise and Standard editions.

Oracle 10gR2 Enterprise and Standard editions.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and Standard editions.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and Standard editions.

MySQL 5.5.27

vFabric Postgres 9.1 and 9.2.3 a VMware vSphere optimized relational database based on PostgreSQL.

Data Director provides flexible, policy-based resource management at the system level, and isolation at the organization and database level. Data Director system administrators can implement security policies through role-based access control to restrict system access to authorized users. System administrators use database templates to guarantee corporate compliance to standardization, and carry out important database lifecycle management tasks such as provisioning, backup, snapshots, point-in-time recovery, cloning, updating, monitoring, and so on.

Database administrators and authorized users can configure databases by using customizable parameters. Resource and backup templates simplify database creation. After an administrator assigns appropriate permissions, users can create databases and allocate resources to them. Users can schedule backups, perform restores, and clone databases to use in testing and development environments. They can scale up databases according to system needs, and decommission databases when they are no longer required.