You can use Vacuum Analyze to discover and reclaim storage occupied by dead tuples. Tuples you delete or that are made obsolete when you update the database, remain in their table until you perform a Vaccum action.

You should use Vaccum periodically, particularly on frequently updated tables, to keep the database performing well. Analyze collects statistics about the contents of tables and stores the results. The query planner helps you determine the most efficient execution plan for queries. You can perform Vacuum and Analyze on a database or a table.

Verify that a database exists.

Log in to Data Director as a user with database privileges.


Click the Manage and Monitor tab.


Click your database group.


Double-click your database to select it.


Click Console to open the database in a new tab.


Right-click your database in the left pane and select Vacuum Analyze Database.


To perform the Vacuum and Analyze operations, click OK.


(Optional) To perform the Vacuum operation, uncheck the Analyze checkbox and click OK.

To include the Full or Freeze operations with the Vacuum operation, check those checkboxes.


(Optional) To perform the Analyze operation, uncheck the Vacuum checkbox and click OK.