As a Data Director system administrator you upload and manage MySQL base database templates that organization administrators, DBAs, and application developers use to provision MySQL databases.

Use MySQL with Data Director to set up a dedicated vSphere ESXi cluster for hosting MySQL resources, including operating system, MySQL database server, and client tools. You create MySQL base database virtual machines (DBVMs) using the dedicated resources in vSphere, and upload the DBVMs to Data Director to use as database templates from which you can provision MySQL databases.

Data Director supports MySQL Community Edition 5.5.27.

The following Data Director features are not available for use with MySQL. When managing MySQL databases the user interface controls for these features are not available in the Data Director administration console.

Provision a database by ingestion.

Schema only clone.

Import or regenerate SSL keys.

Connection string to identify a DB Name server.

Performance monitoring and database statistics.

Alarms alerting you to MySQL specific thresholds and problems.

Upgrading and patching.