When your database expands or when usage patterns change, you can adjust database configuration settings to improve performance, provide more storage, and so on.

Verify the following items.

You are logged in to your organization as a DBA or application developer with Edit resource settings privileges on the database.

You have Use template permission to at least one resource template.

You have Edit settings permission on the database.

The database is running.


On the organization Manage and Monitor tab, select the database group.


Right-click the database name, and select Properties.


Click the Resources tab and view the current settings, using the scroll bar as necessary.


Click Edit.


To change a resource setting, click the corresponding check box in the Override column and modify the value.

A restart icon appears next to resources that require a restart of the database to take effect.


When you finish, click OK to close the Edit Resource Settings dialog box and click OK again.


If you changed settings that require a database restart, click Yes when prompted.