System administrators manage Data Director product licenses from the Licensing pane of the Data Director System Settings tab.

License Types and Descriptions

License Type



Evaluation licenses let you use Data Director for a limited period of time at no cost. The evaluation product is fully functional, but support is not available.


Permanent licenses provide full product functionality and never expire. Support and Subscription (SnS) licenses are required for all permanent software licenses.

When you buy permanent licenses, they replace evaluation licenses you have. After you upgrade to permanent licenses, only your permanent licenses appear in the Licensing pane. After you add a permanent license, you can no longer add evaluation licenses.

The following are the vFabric Postgres database usage types.

vFabric Postgres Non-Production Use License

For internal development, quality assurance, proof of concept, or other testing purposes.

vFabric Postgres Production Use License

Includes use of vFabric Postgres databases in any manner other than Non-Production Use.

You can change the vFabric Postgres database usage type at any time.

You cannot remove the last remaining permanent or evaluation license.

Data Director will not accept a version 1.0 license key. When upgrading to Data Director 2.7, all existing Data Director 1.0 license keys are removed. You must use a license key from Data Director 2.0 or the most current release.

Data Director accepts vFabric Postgres 9.1 production license keys and vFabric Postgres 9.2 production license keys. You can mix and match them. For example, you can install a vFabric Postgres 9.1 license key and use it for vFabric Postgres 9.2 production database.

Data Director does not require a vFabric Postgres license key for vFabric Postgres nonproduction use. All existing vFabric Postgres Non-Production Use license keys are removed during the upgrade process.

Data Director supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, however, Data Director does not install Oracle or Microsoft license keys. To manage license keys from these vendors, use the Oracle or Microsoft management tools and follow their license policiy.

License Key Requirements

Database type

Data Director license key

Database license key

vFabric Postgres Non-Production Use

Apply license to Data Director.

No license key needed.

vFabric Postgres Production Use

Apply license to Data Director.

Apply license to Data Director.


Apply license to Data Director.

Follow Oracle policy.

SQL Server

Apply license to Data Director.

Apply license to Data Director.

You can optionally purchase vFabric Developer Support for Production Use and Non-Production Use vFabric Postgres databases.

Data Director requires SnS licenses. vFabric Postgres: Production Use databases also require SnS licenses.

Basic SnS licenses provide weekday support for test, development, and noncritical deployments.

Production SnS licenses provide focused, 24-hour support for production environments.

See the VMware Support Offerings Web site for details about the SnS licensing options. Manage your SnS licenses through standard VMware support processes.

For details about your licensing arrangement, contact your VMware representative.

System administrators and organization administrators have licensing privileges by default, and can grant the View and Manage Licenses privilege to users. For example, an organization administrator can grant the View and Manage Licenses privilege to a database user. The database user can then view database license information and change the database usage type.

Organization administrators can view only their organization's license information.

Only system administrators can add and remove licenses.

The license management tasks that you can perform depend on your role.

License tasks


System Administrator

Organization Administrator

View licenses



Add licenses



Remove Licenses



Change database usage type



View license usage summary


Organization usage only

View license usage per database


Organization usage only