As a vSphere administrator, you deploy the provided DBVM template OVA files to the system resource pool for Data Director.

Verify that you have vSphere administrator privileges.

Verify that you can log in to the console as root.

Verify that Data Director is installed.

Verify that the Data Director DBVM template OVA files are downloaded to a directory that you can access from vSphere.

Verify that the system resource pool is created in vSphere.

Verify the network mapping or determine how to map the networks configured for Data Director to the DBVM template's networks. See the vFabric Data Director Installation Guide and the vFabric Data Director Worksheets.


In the vSphere Client Inventory view, click the system resource pool.


Click File, and select Deploy OVF Template.


In the Source page, choose the DBVM template OVA file and click Next.


Click Next.


Type a unique name for the template, select the cluster, and click Next.


Choose a datastore that has at least 100GB of available space and click Next.


Map the DBVM template networks listed to the networks configured for Data Director.


(Optional) In the Disk Format page, select Thin Provision and click Next.


Click Next, review the settings, and click Finish.

The DBVM is deployed in the system resource pool.

Deploy another DBVM template OVA file, or install the operating system and database software within the DBVM.