If the requirements for backups in your environment change, you can modify existing backup templates.

Log in to Data Director as an organization administrator or as an administrator with privileges to manage backup templates.


In your organization, click the Organization Settings tab.


Click Backup Templates in the left pane.


Right-click the template that you want to modify and perform one of the supported actions.




Creates a copy of this template. When you clone a template, the Create Backup Template wizard opens and you can configure the backup settings for the clone.


Deletes the selected template.


Disables provisioning and other capabilities for this template. When a template is not published, you can view or manage it, but you cannot use it for backup or other purpose.

Edit Permissions

Lets you change the permissions for an existing user, to remove an existing user, and to add a role.


Lets you modify the settings you specified when you created the backup template.

You can create databases with the new settings from the modified template. Databases that you created from the template do not change.