Organization administrators grant privileges and permissions to users and roles in their organizations. Those privileges and permissions propagate to database groups, base DB templates, and databases in the organization.

You can grant the following types of privileges and permissions to users and roles on organizations.

User and permission management, such as manage roles and registration and grant/revoke permissions.

Organization management, such as manage organization settings, database configuration and backup templates, and import databases.

Database group management, such as manage database groups, create databases, and import backups.

Database management, such as edit database information, resource, and backup settings, modify database users, upgrade databases.

Database operations, such as enable/disable databases, delete databases, start and stop databases, and restart databases.

Database backup and recovery, such as create and delete snapshots, create and delete external backups, clone databases, and recover databases.

Templates, such as use templates.

View and monitor, such as viewing reports and monitoring resource usage.