If the retention period of a backup set has expired, the backup set is no longer in the Data Director backup storage archive. Data Director has no record of such a backup set and does not recognize it. To use an expired backup set, you must import it into Data Director and associate it with a database.

For example, suppose that you archive backup sets to tape just before they expire as part of your disaster recovery policies. You can later restore the archived backup sets from tape to your active system. Use the import backups feature to locate and import the backup sets, and use the imported backup sets to restore your database. The imported backup sets have a retention policy of Forever.

You can use the import database backup feature with a VMware backup solution such as VDR to implement an extended backup and restore solution. See Use VMware Data Recovery to Back Up Data Director.

Log in to Data Director as a user with the appropriate privileges.

Create Snapshots

Create External Backups

Delete Snapshots

Delete External Backups



In Data Director, click the organization's tab and in the navigation pane, expand the relevant database group to view the databases.


Right-click the database for which to import the backup, and select Import Backups.


Select the backup to import from the list and click OK.

The imported backup appears in the list of database backups when the import finishes.