Data Director provides a base DBVM with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). You can install Oracle into the SLES DBVM to provide an environment for proof-of-concept projects or to allow non-Oracle database administrators to explore Oracle.

You can provide an SLES and Oracle database environment by installing the Oracle database software in a DBVM (the base DBVM template OVA file) with the SLES operating system already installed.

Verify that you can log in to vSphere as an administrator.

Verify that the Data Director system resource bundle is set up.

Deploy vFabric Data Director SLES 11 DBVM Template (VMware-Data-Director-SLES11-Base-DBVM-<build#>.ova) to the system resource pool.

The base DBVM template OVA must be copied to the system resource bundle to be recognized by Data Director. See Deploy a DBVM OVA File.

Verify that the deployed DBVM can access the Oracle installation ISO file.


Log in to the vSphere Client as a administrator.


In the Data Director system resource pool, right-click the SLES Base DBVM and click Open Console.


Log in to the console as root.


Type the following command to run the Oracle installation script.

/opt/aurora/installation/ [NFS PATH FOR ORACLE][Oracle version]

NFS PATH FOR Oracle is the full pathname of the NFS server where the Oracle installation files reside.

Oracle version is the full version number of the Oracle installation.

When the message Oracle installation finished appears on the console, the installation is complete and your SLES Oracle base DBVM is built on the vSphere Client.