System administrators can view usage information for resource bundles and datastores and can reassign resource bundles from the Manage & Monitor tab.

The focus of this task is on monitoring, not on changing current settings.

Log in to Data Director as a user with system administrator privileges.

Verify that one or more organizations exist in your environment.

Verify that resource bundles and datastores have been assigned to the organizations.


In Data Director, click the System tab, and click the Manage & Monitor tab.

The Organizations panel displays resource allocation information about each organization.


Click one of the columns, for example Total Memory, to reorder the rows of the table.


Click one of the organizations to display resource bundle information for the selected organization.


Click Resource Bundles to display the Resource Bundles pane.


Click Datastore Usage to display information about available datastores, their capacity, and the allocated and unallocated storage for each.


Click one of the datastores to display the associated resource bundles and their storage allocation.

You can change the resource bundle information by clicking the Actions icon and selecting Properties. If properties are dimmed, you do not have permissions to change them.