Data Director installs on VMware vSphere as a virtual appliance. You can use any VMware virtual machine backup technology to assure recovery of your Data Director virtual appliance in case of catastrophic failure. One of the choices for backups is the extended backup process supported by the VMware Data Recovery (VDR) appliance.

The Data Director virtual appliance consists of two virtual machines.

Management Server performs all management operations.

DB Name Server provides the DB Name Service, a single entry point for all databases.

Use VDR to take regular backups of the Management Server and DB Name Server virtual machines. You can then use VDR to restore the Data Director virtual appliance if a catastrophic failure occurs. See Take External Backups with VMware Data Recovery.

VDR is available as an appliance for VMware vSphere and operates on vSphere resources. See the vSphere Documentation Center for VMware Data Recovery documentation.