You can create a base DBVM and DB template using Red Hat Linux with a supported version of the MySQL database.

Verify that Data Director is installed and the system resource bundle is set up.

Verify that you have access to a supported Red Hat installation ISO image. To build a base DBVM and base DB template that uses the Red Hat operating system and MySQL database, you must meet both the MySQL and Data Director prerequisites for installation.

You have prepared a custom kickstart (KS.cfg) file for the Linux and MySQL installation. See Requirements for the Kickstart File.

Verify that you have access to the MySQL installation ISO file. The installation ISO must be available on an NFS share or the local host.


You can create an empty (or blank) DBVM which you can use to build a custom database environment. For example, you can use the empty DBVM to build a DBVM with Red Hat Linux operating system configured for your IT environment and a MySQL database.


You use a empty (or blank) DBVM to build a custom DB template.


The original Red Hat Linux ISO image does not include Data Director specific scripts and agents, and is not initially compliant for use with Data Director. For this reason you must repackage the Red Hat ISO image using a kickstart file that you customize to install the OS configured for use with Data Director.


You can install Linux as the operating system on the blank virtual machine.


You must initialize the base DBVM to ensure that the prerequisites for the database software and Data Director are met.


Install the MySQL database software into a base DBVM. You can then create a DB template with which to provision MySQL databases.