Before you uninstall an instance of vFabric Data Director, you must remove its registration from the vCenter Single Sign-On service. When you uninstall a vFabric Data Director instance, you must remove the Data Director solution user to avoid conflict with certificates from vFabric Data Director instances that you might install later.

Log into vFabric Data Director as an administrator.

Log into vSphere as an administrator using the vSphere Web client.

Register vFabric Data Director with the vCenter Single Sign-On service.


Log into the vFabric Data Director administration console.


Click the System tab, and click System Settings.


Expand Other Settings and click General.


In the vSphere SSO Service section, find the name of the solution user used to register vFabric Data Director.


Log into the vSphere Web client.


Select Administration > Access > SSO Users and Groups in the vSphere Web Client.


Click the Application Users tab, and select the application user name that matches the solution user name used to register vFabric Data Director.


Click the Delete Application User icon.


Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the solution user.

The application (or solution) no longer has access to vSphere.

You can uninstall vFabric Data Director.