After you register vFabric Data Director with the vCenter Single Sign-On service, you can import users from identity sources such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, or any other identity store configured for use with the the vCenter Single Sign-On service.

Log into vFabric Data Director as an organization administrator.

Register vFabric Data Director to the vCenter Single Sign-On service.


Click the System tab, and click System Settings.


Expand Users and Roles, and click All Users.


Click the Import User icon.


Select a domain.

A list of user names appears.


Select users to import.

Select a user name or select several user names.

Type one or more letters of a user name or of the first or last name of a user in the search text box, click the search icon, and select one or more user names from the list of names displayed.


Click Add to move the user name or names to the Selected panel.

Right-click a user name to remove it from the panel.

Click OK to import the selected user names.

The imported user names are added to the vFabric Data Director registry and appear in the All Users table. Users imported from the vCenter Single Sign-On service are identified as being managed by vCenter Single Sign-On. Users added through vFabric Data Director are identified as being managed by Data Director.

Assign the user or users to an organization and grant privileges.