The system resource bundle resides at the Data Director system level, and enables you to create, test, and run base database virtual machines.

Create a resource pool to use for allocating CPU and memory resources. See Create a Resource Pool.

Determine the storage resources that you want to include in the system resource bundle. Plan for storage resources for database storage and resources for backup storage.

Determine the networking resource that you want to include in the system resource bundle. You can assign only one network to the system resource bundle. The networking resource is used by the base DBVMs for building base database templates.


If you do not configure your resource pool with these settings, you might have problems with system resource bundle creation or other Data Director tasks.


Log in to Data Director with system administrator privileges.


Select System, and click System Settings.


Click System Resource Bundle in the left pane.


Click Create System Resource Bundle


Specify the following information about the resource bundle in the wizard.

Wizard screen


Name and Description

Type a name and optional description and click Next.

CPU and Memory

Select the resource pool from which you want to assign CPU and memory resources and click Next.


Click Edit to select a datastore, and allocate the number of gigabytes to use with Data Director, or allocate all unallocated space. Repeat the process for backup storage.


Do not select a datastore that is in a datastore cluster.


Select the networks that you want to have available to this resource bundle. These networks provide the public network for the organization's databases. Resource bundles must use a database network when available.

The resource bundle is created.

Create a base DBVM. See Building DBVMs and Base DB Templates.