Exploring system dashboard customizations allows you to see available options. You can customize the dashboard to suit your needs.

The dashboard available to system administrators differs from the dashboard available to organization administrators. See Explore Organization Administrator Dashboard if you are an organization administrator.

Log in to Data Director as a system administrator privileges.


Click the Dashboard tab.


Click the link for Organization Stats or Resource Bundle Stats.

Click Organization Stats to evaluate resource usage for the top five organizations.

Click Resource Bundle Stats to evaluate resource usage for the top five resource bundles.


Review the Overview panel.

The panel displays information about all items in the system, such as the total CPU and memory capacity, database storage, and backup storage allocation. You can click the Organization, Resource bundles, System administrators, and All users object icons to open them.


Review the System Health panel below the Overview panel.

You can view the status of the different servers, systems, and networks in the System Health panel.

A green icon indicates no problems exist.

A yellow icon warns of potential problems.

A red icon indicates that a problem exists. vSphere services such as HA remedy the problem but certain tasks cannot be performed while the icon is red.

An icon appears gray when the status of an item cannot be detected or is unknown.


View the Top 5 CPU Usage panel.

You can customize the view to show information for 24 hours, 3 days, or 1 week.


To see the organization for which the information is displayed, click the name of the organization in the Dashboard.


Change the sampling value from the Sampling drop-down menu.




Average value for the sampling period.


Minimum value for the sampling period.


Maximum value for the sampling period.

Customize the dashboard to meet your needs.