You can manually failover by promoting a slave (or standby) database to take over from its master (or primary) database. When you promote a slave database to take over from its master database, all other slave instances are redirected to use the newly created master instance.


During failover, all connections to the database are terminated.

Verify that you have one or more slave instances of a vPostgres database that you can promote to a master database if the original master database instance fails.


Log in to Data Director as a system administrator.


Click the Organization tab, and click Manage and Monitor.


Expand the Organization panel and select the vPostgres database group whose slave instance you want to use as a failover database.

The Replica Role column lists all master and slave database instances, and identifies which slave belongs to which master instance.


Right-click the vPostgres slave database, and select Failover.


Click OK.

All other slaves of the master database that you are replacing are redirected to use the new master database when failover finishes.

You can monitor the progress of the failover in the Tasks panel.

If the failover was not planned as part of system maintenance, you can inspect the Data Director alerts and error reporting to determine the cause of the failure.